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Layn's dedicated professionals provide expertise to develop new products, solve application challenges, and ensure superior quality through extensive and continuous developments integrated with state-of-the-art technologies and enhanced manufacturing capabilities. As a science based company Layn has 10%
of its employees dedicated to R&D.

Layn collaborates with prestigious universities and private research institutions worldwide in the biological assessment of efficacy and safety including clinical trials.

Layn`s product development process encompasses regulatory compliance to intellectual properties,  innovative formulations of proprietary blends to advanced industrial production process designs and engineering.

Layn IP and Know How
 20 national patents
 600+ production processes for the botanical extracts


 Luo Han Guo Extract Patents owned by Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients Corp


Patent Name

Application NO./Patent No.

Application time



 Method to Extract Mogrosides from Luo Han Guo 




 One Sweetener adding Luo Han Guo Extract and its Preparation

 Method ZL200510055228.1 




 One Preparation Method to make Luo Han Guo Juice  



 Approved 2007.3.14


 One health food assisting to reduce blood sugar level and blood fat and its preparation method 



 Approved 2007.3.21


 One preparation Method to remove color and bitterness from Luo Han extract 



 Registered 2010.02.05


 Decolorized Luo Han Guo juice and its producing method 





 One Sweetener Mixture 



 Preliminary Check Passed


 One sweetener Mixture 



 PCT Patent Application


 Method to dry Luo Han Guo with microwave and finished Luo Han 





 Method to dry Luo Han Guo and finished Luo Han Guo made by this method 




Layn formula team is dedicated to improving sensory of sweeteners through different combinations of sweeteners, and providing formulas for various applications.

     - Sweetener combinations, serving different sensory profile;
     - Nutritional supplements, promoting metabolic health, immune system, weight management, women health etc
     - Beverage with functional benefits and featuring natural, low calorie sweetener