Being a global pioneer in the plant-based sweetener and flavor market requires constant innovation. Whether it’s developing new varieties of plants for better yields, or continually investing in new technology for optimized efficiencies, Layn has its eye on a more innovative future every single day.

R&D Agricultural Program

All seedlings are developed from our in-house, dedicated breeding programs for Stevia and Monk Fruit in order to increase the sweetness compounds found in the plant. A non-GMO and natural process, our sophisticated cross-breeding program enables us to create a stronger, more disease-resistent variety of leaf or fruit. It’s the ultimate way to improve quality and cost since everything starts from the seedling. For instance, we’re improving the levels of both mogroside-V in Monk Fruit and exotic steviol glycosides in Stevia leaves—to dramatically increase yield.


Our non-GMO tissue culture programs help to ensure the natural selection of high-yield, high-quality sprouts of Stevia and Monk Fruit.

Layn’s State-of-the-art Facility

A production facility that spans nine football fields in size, our state-of-the-art extraction and purification facility provides Layn with the largest capacity of vertically integrated natural sweetener production globally. We’re continually investing in ways to enhance our manufacturing processes, from new drying methods and new membrane filtration systems to a new solvent recovery system that gains greater cost efficiencies. We’ve also recently developed a new cold storage warehouse for Monk Fruit. This first-of-its-kind facility enables us to store the fruit for future processing without affecting its flavor profile. This ensures guaranteed availability of Monk Fruit throughout the year, every year.

Delivering the industry’s largest production capacity, our extraction and purification facility utilizes cutting-edge technology and innovative processing techniques.

Innovative New Ingredients

We continually utilize our industry-leading portfolio to invent the next generation of innovative sweeteners, flavors and formulation platforms that deliver improved performance and taste profiles, continually developing the future taste of sweet.

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