Supply Chain


Through significant manufacturing achievements over the past two decades, Layn delivers the world’s largest high-potency plant-based sweetener capacity. In October of 2017, Layn opened our 4th generation manufacturing facilities equating to 42 football fields of cutting-edge equipment and technology. The following steps of our manufacturing process all contribute to natural sweeteners and flavors of consistent high quality and uncompromising taste for our global customers.

Raw Material Management
Fully Integrated QC Process
Clean Ingredients You Can Rely On
Farming & Harvesting

We own and invest in many cultivation projects throughout China, rooted in long-standing relationships with local farmers. This collaboration has enabled us to retain full control of our supply chain with strict agricultural guidelines in place—resulting in the highest quality raw material with continuously increasing extraction yields.

A look at our vertically integrated capabilities, from seedling to mature leaf and fruit.
Water Extraction

After receiving the raw material, the first step is water extraction. We only use water purified through Reverse Osmosis technology throughout our facility. The extraction process itself uses an innovative method called counter-current extraction, providing increased consistency and decreased production time.


A unique and innovative nano-particle type of filtration, our membrane-filtration process is
effective and environmentally beneficial, helping to reduce discharged wastewater by 60%.


All Layn extracts undergo a comprehensive series of purification steps such as ion exchange and centrifuge. These steps guarantee consistent composition, safety and potency. Additional crystallization steps designed to achieve higher purity are performed for Stevia.


Based on the ingredient and application, we utilize a range of different drying methods to deliver optimal results. These include spray drying, freeze drying, oven drying and belt (band) drying. Our ability to tailor the type of drying process to each extract delivers optimal results.

Testing & Packaging

Our Analytical Lab totals more than 9,600 square feet, Layn's Quality Control center in China is a nationally accredited third-party lab with the credentials to run all testing in-house—for accurate, certified results you can trust. Our products are packaged in a GMP clean room using food-grade international standard packaging material. Environmentally safe cartons prevent contamination and protect the planet.

All botanical extracts manufactured by Layn undergo a comprehensive series of tests for identity, purity and potency using international standards.
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