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Layn Natural Ingredients Introduces SophorOx™, A Potent Natural Antioxidant for Healthy Inflammation Response

Layn Natural Ingredients today announced the launch of SophorOx™, a natural antioxidant extract ingredient scientifically supported by a new study demonstrating its ability to inhibit oxidative stress and support a healthy inflammation response. SophorOx™ is particularly well suited for use in human dietary supplements, sports nutrition, and personal care applications, as well as pet supplements.

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Botanical Ingredient Innovation for Health and Wellness

Nutrition Insight magazine features Layn Natural Ingredients and the power of polyphenol-rich, botanical metabolic antioxidant extracts for clean label, efficacious health and wellness support as consumers look to natural, functional ingredients for proactive self-care more than ever, including botanical solutions for immune health, stress, sleep, healthy inflammation response, and natural energy.

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Botanical Extracts Offer Functional Health Benefits

Consumers today are proactively searching for health-forward foods and beverages to nourish the mind and the body.  Food Ingredients 1st magazine features Layn Natural Ingredients as consumers for food, beverage, and nutraceuticals are increasingly looking for more natural, functional ingredients in products with increasingly more personalized solutions and new consumption formats.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Expands Portfolio of Non-GMO Project Verified Botanical Extract Ingredients

Layn Natural Ingredients has expanded its portfolio of Non-GMO Project Verified botanical extracts to include 12 new ingredients: apple, citrus, Galla chinensis, ginger, grape seed, green coffee bean, green tea, magnolia bark, pomegranate, pu’erh tea, rosemary and Sophora japonica.

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Layn Natural Ingredients to Designate $148 Million Investment to Drive Innovation, Expand Infrastructure and Ensure Secure Supply Chain

Layn Natural Ingredients, one of the world’s largest innovators of natural botanical extract ingredients and solutions serving the biggest brands in food, beverage, flavor, nutraceutical, personal care, animals and pets, is securing a targeted $148 million USD from stock to be invested in infrastructure expansion and innovation to solidify its global leadership

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Supplier of the Month

Layn offers nearly three decades of experience in providing a fully secure, manufacturer-direct, transparent and scalable
supply chain. From seeds and agronomy to extraction and formulation, Layn is committed to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

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Nine unique botanicals that present new opportunities for natural products brands

As scientific exploration uncovers the health support benefits of botanicals, some herbs are emerging to provide new opportunities in dietary supplements and as functional ingredients in food and beverage applications.

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Consumers are demanding animal proteins and products free from antibiotics, which drives the market to transfer from antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) to natural alternatives.

Thank you Feed and Grain for including insights from Layn Natural Ingredients’ nutrition scientist discussing why poultry is going natural.

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Let Food Be Thy Medicine: Evolution of Plant-Based Nutraceuticals

Nutrition Industry Executive magazine features Layn Chief Scientific Officer,  Jim Roza, on the evolution of plant-based nutraceuticals. “We know that plants are complex organisms much like the human body. They possess many systems to promote growth, sustain life and maintain health. Resveratrol, a phytoalexin found in the skin of grapes, blueberries and in Japanese knotweed (Polygonum cuspitaum), is a protective compound the plant produces in response to stress, injury and attack by pathogens.

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Science of Sweet: Layn featured as the industry’s leading formulators showcase nature-derived sweetener solutions

Did you know Layn Natural Ingredients is the world’s largest direct manufacturer and innovator of stevia and monk fruit natural plant-based sweeteners?

Sugar reduction and elimination are key themes under Innova Market Insights’ Top Trend for food & beverage product development.

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