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Consumers are increasingly seeking clean label, natural ingredients. This article examines how the shift away from synthetic ingredients is driving urgency in innovation throughout the food and beverage industry towards natural, plant-based alternatives and solutions for preservation and shelf life. Natural preservatives are in high demand as regulatory requirements are increasingly banning or discouraging the use of many synthetic ingredients commonly used, such as TBHQ, EDTA, and other synthetic preservatives. Advancements in R&D have led to the discovery of a variety of functional botanical ingredients that demonstrate excellent performance as natural, clean label preservatives.

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Effective Natural Support for Joint Health & Weight Management in Canines

The two most prevalent problems dogs suffer from in middle age to seniority are joint ailments and weight issues, which often happen concurrently and can tax heavily on a canine’s quality of life. Thankfully, nature has a solution, where scientifically-supported functional botanical extracts containing active polyphenols offer promising tools for inclusion in pet supplements and treats to provide support and contribute to a better quality of life. Learn more in this technical article by Layn Pet & Animal Nutrition Scientist, Juan Javierre.

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Layn Natural Ingredients aims to drive innovation in wellness with new ingredient library

Nutra Ingredients magazine covers the launch of the Layn Natural Ingredient Library as a vehicle for brand marketers and product developers to find and explore science-backed botanical ingredients searchable by application and function to help drive innovation in health and wellness. Find the ingredient library at the “Ingredients” tab above.

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Heat stress remediation with polyphenols from botanicals

The heat of summer greatly affects production animals, including broilers, layers, pigs and ruminants, and functional, polyphenol-rich botanical feed additives by TruGroⓇ by Layn are scientifically supported to help alleviate symptoms of heat stress in animal production. Enjoy this informative article from our very own animal nutrition scientist, Juan Javierre, Ph.D. as published in Feed Strategy magazine.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Launches Free Interactive Botanical Ingredient Library: Instant Access Resource

Layn launches free botanical library and search tool to enable businesses to explore and learn about key botanical extract ingredients and solutions and easily map them to targeted applications and desired functions. “Providing quick and easy access to digital information is crucial in today’s market, and we developed the Layn Botanical Ingredient Library to provide a tremendous value to business customers as they seek deeper information about functional botanical extracts for product development and innovation,” said Collette Kakuk, VP of Global Marketing, Layn Natural Ingredients.

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Humanization of Pets Driving Innovation in Natural Ingredients!

Whether for humans or pets, increasing consumer demand for natural and healthy products is driving manufacturers to source higher-quality ingredients and innovate product lines.   Our very own Collette Kakuk, VP Global Marketing, expands on how pet parents are looking for functional ingredients for their pets just as they are looking for themselves, including immune support, joint health, gut health, allergy support, weight management, and more.

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SophorOx™ Study Featuring Quercetin Published in The Journal of Complementary and Integrative Medicine

SophorOx™ Demonstrated Ingredient Efficacy in Inhibiting Oxidative Stress and Supporting Healthy Inflammation Response.

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All-Natural TruGro® Max Feed Additive Scientifically Demonstrated As Effective AGP Replacement

TruGro® MAX natural, plant-based feed additive ingredient is backed by new studies as an effective AGP replacement that significantly improves oxidative status and performance in animals. “New in-vivo trials with broiler chickens have demonstrated that the exceptional antioxidant and nutritional capabilities achieved through the proprietary blend of natural botanical ingredients found in TruGro® MAX can significantly reduce AGP use, improve animal performance, and meat quality,” said Mary Joe Fernandez, Global Vice President of Sales & Business Development for Animal Nutrition at Layn.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Tackles Pet Weight Management with Natural, Plant-Based Ingredient Solution

Layn Natural Ingredients announced the launch of TruGro Weight Management natural, plant-based ingredient solution for pet food, treats, and supplements. TruGroWeight Management is comprised of plant-based ingredients scientifically supported to support healthy weight in pets, featuring standardized, polyphenol-rich botanical extracts containing compounds naturally occurring in green tea (Camellia sinensis). The natural ingredient solution is NASC certified, and utilizes a multi-pronged approach to help address root causes of weight management challenges in pets to boost metabolism, support healthy inflammation and healthy blood sugar, and improve lipid profile.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Expands Industry Leading Portfolio of Functional Tea Extracts to Support Growing Consumer Demand

Layn Natural Ingredients announces expansion of its industry leading portfolio of tea extracts. The antioxidant rich portfolio includes tea extracts from high quality Camellia sinensis – such as green, black, white, oolong, and pu’erh tea extracts, plus sweet blackberry tea extract and instant powdered tea ideal for beverages. The expansion also includes specialized extracts of scientifically-backed, active compounds from tea – including natural caffeine, L-theanine and EGCG.

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