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TruGro Improves Poultry Weight & Gut Health



Natural Ingredients for Relief and Healthy Inflammation Support

Learn about natural ingredients for healthy inflammation support and relief from an expert industry panel selected by Nutrition Industry Executive, including our very own Chief Scientific Officer, Jim Roza, as he discusses market dynamics and natural remedies, including turmeric, green tea, pomegranate, cistanche, ginger and Sophora japonica.

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Layn Natural Ingredients European Facility Move Reflects Its Commitment to Research, Innovation and Sustainability

Layn Natural Ingredients, one of the world’s largest vertically-integrated innovators and direct manufacturers of natural botanical extract ingredients and solutions, today announced its new European office within the Savona Sustainability Campus of the University of Genova in Italy.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Introduces Instant Tea Extract Powders for Food and Beverage Applications

Layn Natural Ingredients has extended its deep portfolio of tea extracts with its Instant Tea Extract Powder line ideal for use in a variety of applications including hot and cold beverages, liquid shots, gummies, bars, and instant tea packs. The tea extract powders are produced using a simple water extraction method which helps to retain both the flavor and functionality found in the tea leaves. Layn’s tea extracts are sustainably produced from high quality Camellia sinensis and are fully traceable through Layn’s secure and reliable supply chain. 

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Layn Natural Ingredients Introduces TruGro® PW, an Effective Zinc Oxide Replacement for Post-Weaning Piglets

Layn Natural Ingredients, one of the world’s largest vertically-integrated manufacturers and innovators of natural, functional botanical extract ingredients and solutions, today announced the launch of TruGro® PW, an effective and proven solution validated in randomized in-vivo trials that combines selected polyphenol-rich botanical extracts to help support healthy growth and gut health in piglets post weaning.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Launches TruGroⓇ MYC – Natural Animal Feed Additive to Help Reduce Pathogenic Effects of Mycotoxins

Layn Natural Ingredients TruGro MYC is a potent, polyphenol-rich botanical extract solution for use as an animal feed additive to reduce the negative effects of mycotoxins on production animals. TruGro MYC contains potent polyphenols – proanthocyanidins and catechins – which are powerful metabolic antioxidants scientifically supported to reduce the negative pathenogenic effects mycotoxins have on production animals, specifically broilers and swine.

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Phytogenics in Animal Feed

Regulatory and consumer demands are driving innovation for botanical solutions🌱 in animal feed – discover the latest in scientifically supported botanical extracts and actives geared for animal health and performance in this informative article in Milling and Grain by our very own, Juan Antonio Javierre, Layn Natural Ingredients Nutrition Scientist and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

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How to Win in the Sports Supplement Arena

Sports nutrition has moved beyond whey protein, creatine and even pre-workout, workout, and recovery, now also including brain health, cognition and focus. Enjoy this article in which Layn Chief Scientific Officer, Jim Roza, discusses nootropics in sports formulas including rhodiola for healthy norepinephrine, serotonin and dopamine support; goji berry for neuroplasticity and neuroprotection support; and rosemary extracts to increase acetylcholine for neurotransmission.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Introduces bio+Quercitrin Extract, A Highly Bioavailable Form of Quercetin

Layn Natural Ingredients announces launch of its bio+Quercitrin, a highly bioavailable form of Quercetin for nutraceutical use. bio+Quercitrin is a potent, natural antioxidant flavonoid that works efficiently within the body to scavenge free radicals and manage oxidative stress. Layn’s bio+Quercitrin is more absorbable and permeable in the small intestine, providing up to 6 times better bioavailability than regular Quercetin, also allowing dietary supplement brands to significantly reduce the amount of ingredient in each dosage, not only reducing raw material costs, but also providing reliable and efficacious dosage in a smaller pill size.

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Healthy Aging and Botanicals

While aging is unavoidable, a spectrum of science-based natural ingredients can strategically target oxidative stress, inflammation, cognitive function, muscular/skeletal issues and other conditions associated with aging. Enjoy this article in which our Chief Scientific Office, Jim Roza, discusses sirtuins, resveratrol, ellagic acid, quercetin, and more.

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Growing Herbal Products Market Faces Threats, Challenges – With Opportunities Rooted in Sustainability and Transparency

Enjoy this article in Nutraceuticals World, discussing important challenges and opportunities for the growing herbal products market – featuring significant input from our very own VP of Global Marketing, Collette Kakuk, as she discusses how environmental and social stewardship is not only ethical, but also good business that can help sustain long-term interests and build trust among consumers.

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