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TruGro Improves Poultry Weight & Gut Health



Functional Botanicals for Weight Management

The pandemic has brought on increases in stress – and “pandemic pounds.”  Thankfully, nature offers solutions. 🍃 Enjoy this article in Nutrition Industry Executive, featuring Layn Chief Scientific officer, James Martin Roza, as he discusses the primary candidates for which there is scientific evidence to support weight loss claims, including green tea (EGCG), green coffee bean (50 percent chlorogenic acid), seaweed extract (fucoxanthin), natural caffeine, and more.

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Well-known for sugar alternatives, including stevia and monk fruit, Layn Natural Ingredients has steadily expanded its portfolio with a full line of functional botanicals that can now easily be explored through a just-launched online ingredient library – a free tool that is blazing a digital trail in the historically private and protective ingredient industry.

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Botanicals for Sleep Support Prove melatonin Isn’t the Only Game in Town

Are you getting enough Zzzz’s?   Melatonin saw sales skyrocket 31% last year, but has its limits leaving many feeling groggy upon wake up. Thankfully, 🌱nature offers interesting alternatives with compelling botanical actives generating science and consumer interest. Enjoy this article from Nutritional Outlook featuring Layn’s very own Chief Scientific Officer, James Martin Roza, filled with botanical solutions such as Magnolia Bark, Schisandra, and Ziziphus Jujuba.  Read more below and also explore our botanical ingredient library in the INGREDIENTS tab above for more solutions to fit your application.

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New and Evolving Formulations for Blood Sugar Support

Enjoy this article from Nutraceuticals World about new and evolving formulation options for blood sugar support featuring Layn Natural Ingredients Chief Scientific Officer, James Martin Roza, as he discusses potent natural, plant-based botanicals such as cinnamon, green coffee bean (chlorogenic acid), magnolia bark, pomegranate (ellagic acid).

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Natural Solutions for Women’s Health at Every Life Stage

Women’s health is poised to be a $47.8 billion industry globally by 2027. Enjoy this in-depth article by WholeFoods Magazine, where our very own VP Global Marketing, Collette Kakuk provides input on key natural ingredients for Women’s Health, including adaptogens such as Rhodiola to reduce general fatigue under stressful conditions, Schisandra, which has a long history of supporting healthy mood, and Holy Basil (Tulsi) which is scientifically supported to help manage healthy stress response.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Introduces TruGro® EQ Feed Additive to Improve Laying Hen Productivity, Egg Quality

Layn Natural Ingredients introduces TruGro® EQ, a natural polyphenol-rich botanical extract feed additive scientifically supported to improve laying hen productivity and metabolic health – and significantly improve egg quality. TruGro EQ feed additive for laying hens is comprised of a proprietary caffeine-free solution based on green tea extracts rich in polyphenols and catechins ideally suited to extend the productive life of laying hens, improve Lay Rate and Feed to Egg Conversion Ratio (FCR), and improve the internal quality of eggs, including albumen quality, yolk color, and lipid profile.

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Nutraceuticals World interviews James Roza, Chief Scientific Officer of Layn Natural Ingredients North America

Enjoy this article as Nutraceuticals World interviews industry veteran, James Roza, Chief Scientific Officer, of Layn Natural Ingredients North America about innovation, supply chain, and industry observations.  Jim has over 30 years of experience in the natural products and nutraceuticals industry, including having served on the executive board of the Natural Products Foundation (NPF) and as vice-chair of the Natural Products Association ComPli standards committee, also having chaired the AOAC Task Force on Dietary Supplements, and having served two terms as a trustee to the American Herbal Products Association as he now drives science-based innovation for Layn.

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Consumers are increasingly seeking clean label, natural ingredients. This article examines how the shift away from synthetic ingredients is driving urgency in innovation throughout the food and beverage industry towards natural, plant-based alternatives and solutions for preservation and shelf life. Natural preservatives are in high demand as regulatory requirements are increasingly banning or discouraging the use of many synthetic ingredients commonly used, such as TBHQ, EDTA, and other synthetic preservatives. Advancements in R&D have led to the discovery of a variety of functional botanical ingredients that demonstrate excellent performance as natural, clean label preservatives.

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Effective Natural Support for Joint Health & Weight Management in Canines

The two most prevalent problems dogs suffer from in middle age to seniority are joint ailments and weight issues, which often happen concurrently and can tax heavily on a canine’s quality of life. Thankfully, nature has a solution, where scientifically-supported functional botanical extracts containing active polyphenols offer promising tools for inclusion in pet supplements and treats to provide support and contribute to a better quality of life. Learn more in this technical article by Layn Pet & Animal Nutrition Scientist, Juan Javierre.

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Layn Natural Ingredients aims to drive innovation in wellness with new ingredient library

Nutra Ingredients magazine covers the launch of the Layn Natural Ingredient Library as a vehicle for brand marketers and product developers to find and explore science-backed botanical ingredients searchable by application and function to help drive innovation in health and wellness. Find the ingredient library at the “Ingredients” tab above.

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