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TruGro Improves Poultry Weight & Gut Health



Immune Health: Opportunities Abound for Natural Solutions

Immune health was an important and growing concern even before the 2020 pandemic, and it is now inconceivable that the importance of immunity support could diminish in any short term.

Read about key natural ingredients highlighted by Layn USA Chief Scientific Advisor, Jim Roza, including Cistanche, Pu’er Tea, Broccoli Seed, Honeysuckle, and Quercetin.

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Layn Natural ingredients Launches Nutræ by Layn® Dedicated to Botanical Ingredient Solutions and Innovation for Nutraceuticals & Personal Care

Layn Natural ingredients announces the launch of its Nutræ by Layn® business unit dedicated to providing botanical ingredient solutions and innovation specific for health, wellness, sports nutrition, personal care, and beauty applications. “As the world’s largest producer and innovator of stevia and monk fruit extracts, Layn’s brand is well recognized in the natural sweetener market. Our botanical expertise also extends deeply into functional botanicals used in the supplement and personal care markets,” said Elaine Yu, president of Layn Natural Ingredients, USA.

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Managing stress and mood with natural botanicals

Consumers are demanding clean label, botanical solutions as concerns about stress, mood, and mental health take center stage.

“By aligning ourselves more with nature and recognizing the power of plants, we can be better equipped to deal with stress daily and in the long term.” Read more about science-backed botanicals for stress and moods from James Roza, Chief Scientific Advisor for Layn Natural Ingredients USA, including Adaptogens, Resveratrol, L-theanine, Hemp Extracts and Cannabinoids, and more.

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TruGro™️ AR by Layn Proves Effective as Natural Botanical AGP Replacer for Poultry

Feed Navigator reports on new poultry study by Layn. TruGro™️ by Layn’s natural, polyphenol-rich TruGro™️ AR feed additive shows positive outcomes in new research study when replacing antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) in broiler diets.

“With so many products in our portfolio, we want to ensure validation of all of them before going to market.” – Mary Joe Fernandez, Global Vice President Sales and Business Development for TruGro™️ by Layn.

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Botanicals for Sleep Support

Demand Surges for Natural Products For Stress & Sleep

Nutraceuticals World magazine features Layn Natural Ingredients as botanicals for sleep support and stress relief surge. “More people are looking for natural, holistic alternatives to chemical, artificial, and synthetic therapies,” James Roza, Chief Scientific Advisor for Layn Natural Ingredients USA. Read about new consumption formats, adaptogens such as Rhodiola Rosea and Ginkgo Biloba, and combinational ingredient solution stacks Layn Natural Ingredients is innovating for mood, stress, and sleep, including Sea Buckthorn and Resveratrol, CBD with Layn subsidiary HempRise, and also CBD Free formulations.

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TruGro by Layn Earns NASC Preferred Supplier Accreditation for Animal and Pet Solutions

TruGro™ by Layn has earned the accreditation as a Preferred
Supplier from the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC). NASC Preferred Suppliers must meet stringent criteria, including cGMP operations, quality, compliance, safety, certifications and other practices. Being recognized as a pre-qualified preferred supplier ensures that TruGro™ by Layn natural ingredient solutions for pet supplements have been thoroughly validated, and can be accepted without additional vendor qualifications.

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US Division of Layn Natural Ingredients Appoints Nutraceutical Industry Expert Jim Roza as Chief Scientific Advisor

Layn – USA has appointed Jim Roza as its
Chief Scientific Advisor. In this role, Roza will lead science, research and innovation
efforts for nutraceutical, supplement and personal care applications at Layn USA.

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Balancing functionality, flavor in sports nutrition applications

Herbal and botanical ingredients have increasingly found their way into sports and active nutrition products to add functionality sought by consumers, including those that help naturally address energy, recovery, endurance, inflammation, focus, heart health, metabolism and free radicals.

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Polyphenol-rich botanical antioxidants extend shelf life of fats, oils naturally

Today’s consumer is calling for natural preservative solutions to help slow the degradation process. The use of plant-based ingredients with high levels of polyphenols has been shown to be extremely effective in preserving nutritive value and extending shelf life of these products.

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Food Ingredients First Highlights Layn’s Innovation In Clean Label, Botanical Preservation

The clean label movement continues to incite waves of innovation, particularly driven by expanding consumer label literacy and policy shifts that curb the use of synthetic food and beverage additives. Read about Layn Natural Ingredients innovation solution, Plantae Performance, to provide science-backed, clean label, natural botanical preservation solutions.

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