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Reduce Sugar, Optimize Taste with Botanical Extracts


Layn’s Supply Chain Resiliency

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TruGro Improves Poultry Weight & Gut Health



Polyphenol-rich botanical antioxidants extend shelf life of fats, oils naturally

Today’s consumer is calling for natural preservative solutions to help slow the degradation process. The use of plant-based ingredients with high levels of polyphenols has been shown to be extremely effective in preserving nutritive value and extending shelf life of these products.

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Food Ingredients First Highlights Layn’s Innovation In Clean Label, Botanical Preservation

The clean label movement continues to incite waves of innovation, particularly driven by expanding consumer label literacy and policy shifts that curb the use of synthetic food and beverage additives. Read about Layn Natural Ingredients innovation solution, Plantae Performance, to provide science-backed, clean label, natural botanical preservation solutions.

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Botanicals and Adaptogens for Managing Stress – Nutraceuticals Now Magazine

Layn Natural Ingredients USA President, Elaine Yu, discusses botanical solutions as anxiety and stress prevention rose to the number 1 position of American health concerns.

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Natural Products Insider Highlights Layn’s Vision For Sustainability As It Covers Top Consumer Trends

Consumers globally have grown more conscious of the undeniable connections between individual health, global health, and the health of the planet – and turn to brands and ingredients that source responsibly and help promote a cohesive, healthy ecosystem.

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NutraIngredients Highlights Layn Supply Chain Management & Ingredients Portfolio

NutraIngredients highlights Layn’s supply chain management and breadth of functional botanical ingredients portfolio as we pursue full production and uninterrupted deliveries to customers.

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Food & Beverage Insider Highlights Layn’s Innovation in Using Natural Sweeteners and Botanicals for Sugar Reduction

As consumers demand less sugar,  food and beverage manufacturers are leveraging Layn’s natural, plant-based sweeteners and synergistic combinations of steviol glycosides from stevia and mogrosides from monk fruit to allow for deep sugar reduction with a more sugar-like profile.

Read more below in an article written by renowned food scientist and Layn Research and Development Manager, Emanuele Moret.

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Feed Navigator Highlights Poultry Study Showing Improved Weight Gain and Gut Health for Broilers Given TruGro™ by Layn

Layn Corp is launching new botanical-based poultry feed additives and highlighting their role in broiler weight gain following a series of feeding trials.

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Layn Launches TruGro MAX Natural Animal Feed Additive for Improving Oxidative Status and Performance Parameters

Layn Corp., a global producer of premium-quality, natural animal nutrition ingredients, plant-based sweeteners and functional botanical extracts, today introduced TruGro® MAX, a natural additive for animal feed that provides potent antioxidant support.

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Layn highlighted in Nutrition Insight Supply Side West 2019 Review

Use of CBD within the botanicals and nutraceuticals space is gaining. Layn showcased its CBD products as well as hemp extracts, broad-spectrum oil and powder (THC-free) and water-soluble CBD. Outside of this space, the company was discussing natural preservatives, sports nutrition supplements and flavor modulators with its stand visitors.





TruGro Featured in All About Feed

Layn, a producer of plant-based sweeteners and natural extracts, has announced a new business unit, TruGro™ Animal Nutrition. 

This unit is rolling out a line of botanical extracts including polyphenol-rich extracts, citrus bioflavonoids, natural sweeteners and other natural extracts to support key areas of animal nutrition, including palatability, natural antioxidation, gut health and AGP replacement.

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