Clean Label Natural Taste & Sensory Solutions

Scientifically supported polyphenol-rich solutions as
Maskers, Sweetness Enhancers, and Umami Enhancers.

Single Ingredients

Single Ingredients for Taste & Sensory:
  • Chlorogenic Acid & Caffeine (Green Coffee Bean Extract)
  • Hesperidin (Citrus Extract)
  • Magnolol & Honokial (Magnolia Bark Extract)
  • Neohesperidin (Bitter Orange Extract)
  • Phloretin (Apple Extract)
  • Pomelo
  • – Naringin
  • – Naringenin
  • – Naringin DC
  • – Trilobatin

NT002 Masker

Natural botanical extract for lingering sweetness masking and bitterness masking.

NT006 Sweetness Enhancer

Natural botanical extract for sweetness enhancing and lingering sweetness masking, including scientifically-supported specialized formulas :

  • NT010 for Dairy
  • NT011 for Bakery
  • NT013 for Beverage

NT007 Umami Enhancer

Natural botanical extract for taste modulation, umami, sour, and salt enhancement.

#ApplePhloretin by Layn is truly natural using enzymatic hydrolysis, never acid.

Still Using Synthetic Ingredients?

Layn Natural Ingredients is the global, manufacturer-direct leader
in the production and innovation of premium plant-based functional ingredients


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