By the very nature of our business in producing plant-based ingredients our entire process is kind to the Earth. We’re situated in beautiful Guilin, one of the top tourist destinations in China renowned for its picturesque river cruises. Such a setting demands strict environmental responsibility.

Farming Partnerships

Our farming families are an integral part of our team, so they’re treated as such. Once our contracted co-op groups are provided with seedlings developed from our in-house breeding programs, they are trained in our standardized cultivation process. To ensure the highest quality crops, we monitor every stage of the agronomy operation—from planting and harvesting to drying. Our farmers have secured/guaranteed income for sustained living, and adhere to strict guidelines including no child or convicted labor.
Our long-standing collaborations with local farmers are managed by contract, enabling us to retain full control of our supply chain with strict agricultural guidelines in place.

Full Traceability

Our closely managed farming partnerships and supporting documentation are proof of Layn’s full traceability — from seedling, to field, to finished product. This approach allows us the ability to quickly scale-up production to meet spiking global demand.
With Layn’s vertically integrated structure, global customers can trace all ingredients and processes along the supply chain, guaranteeing true transparency and visibility.

Environmental Protections/Footprint

Protecting our planet is a top priority. We strictly adhere to the International Code Of Conduct across our supply chain and are firmly committed to reducing our carbon footprint. With our unique membrane-filtration process, we reduce discharged wastewater by 60%. We even repurpose our biomass for use as a fertilizer and animal feed.
Our many Earth-friendly initiatives help to safeguard the planet and lessen our environmental footprint. Layn argonomists train our farmers on biological methods to keep our production procedures natural.
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