Clean Label Natural Preservation Solutions

Scientifically supported polyphenol-rich, clean label
technological antioxidants.

SustaNX002 is a clean label, natural, water soluble, heat stable, antioxidant ingredient available in fine powder that preserves meats, fats & oils and sauces.

  • Water Soluble
  • Clean Label
  • Neutral Taste in Final Applications
  • Contains No Additives
  • Chelating + Free Radical Scavenging
  • Heat & pH Stable
  • Competitive Cost In Use
  • Scientifically Supported
  • Sustainably Produced


Meat & Poultry

Fats & Oils

Snacks & Bakery

Sauces & Seasonings

Nature Meets Science

Compelling Clarity & Net Zero Sensory Profile
SustaNX002 for Color Preservation
NX001+ NX002 Synergy: Ascorbyl Palmitate
and Tocopherol Replacement in Biscuits

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SustaNX001 is a clean label, natural, oil soluble, heat stable, liquid antioxidant ingredient that preserves meats, fats & oils, snacks, and baked goods.
SustaNX003 AntiMicro is a clean label, natural botanical extracts solution with potent antimicrobial activity to prevent spoilage in a variety of food and beverages.

Learn more about how SustaNX can add scientifically
supported clean label, botanical function to your brand.

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