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Demand for natural ingredients in animal feed and pet food is increasing as consumers desire clean, transparent labels. TruGro® is Layn Natural Ingredients’ fully dedicated business unit committed to the agronomy, production and innovation of science-backed polyphenol-rich extracts in a growing number of animal and pet nutrition applications.

Animal Nutrition

Consumers are increasingly demanding meat and animal products from animals fed more natural diets, without antibiotics and synthetics.


62% place high importance on knowing the animal was fed a nutritious diet.


78% of consumers would pay more.

Source: United Soybean Board Animal Meal Study, December 2019.

Pet Nutrition

Consumers are increasingly reading labels and demanding more natural, purposeful, healthy ingredients for themselves and for their furry friends.


70% of all U.S. households own a pet.1


52% of pet owners are influenced by natural ingredient claims.2

Sources: 1) American Pet Products Association: Pet Industry Market Size & Ownership Statistics 2020.  2) Pet Food February 14, 2020; Beneo Survey; n=2500.

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25 plus years of manufacturing excellence in botanical extraction

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Specific functional solutions and single ingredients to achieve ultimate performance

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Ethical Sources

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Adherence to the International Code of Conduct across our supply chain and firm commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.

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TruGro® solutions are globally supplied to our customers.

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All TruGro natural ingredient solutions are functionally validated.

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Layn Natural Ingredients supports more than 3000 farming families and communities.

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FAMIQS NASC USDA Organic Good Manufacturing FSSC 22000 FDA NonGMO Project Verified Sedex Halal Expertixe Ecovadis Kosher Check WIT

Latest News

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Layn Natural Ingredients Introduces TruGro® EQ Feed Additive to Improve Laying Hen Productivity, Egg Quality

Layn Natural Ingredients introduces TruGro® EQ, a natural polyphenol-rich botanical extract feed additive scientifically supported to improve laying hen productivity and metabolic health – and significantly improve egg quality. TruGro EQ feed additive for laying hens is comprised of a proprietary caffeine-free solution based on green tea extracts rich in polyphenols and catechins ideally suited to extend the productive life of laying hens, improve Lay Rate and Feed to Egg Conversion Ratio (FCR), and improve the internal quality of eggs, including albumen quality, yolk color, and lipid profile.

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Effective Natural Support for Joint Health & Weight Management in Canines

The two most prevalent problems dogs suffer from in middle age to seniority are joint ailments and weight issues, which often happen concurrently and can tax heavily on a canine’s quality of life. Thankfully, nature has a solution, where scientifically-supported functional botanical extracts containing active polyphenols offer promising tools for inclusion in pet supplements and treats to provide support and contribute to a better quality of life. Learn more in this technical article by Layn Pet & Animal Nutrition Scientist, Juan Javierre.

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Heat stress remediation with polyphenols from botanicals

The heat of summer greatly affects production animals, including broilers, layers, pigs and ruminants, and functional, polyphenol-rich botanical feed additives by TruGroⓇ by Layn are scientifically supported to help alleviate symptoms of heat stress in animal production. Enjoy this informative article from our very own animal nutrition scientist, Juan Javierre, Ph.D. as published in Feed Strategy magazine.

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Humanization of Pets Driving Innovation in Natural Ingredients!

Whether for humans or pets, increasing consumer demand for natural and healthy products is driving manufacturers to source higher-quality ingredients and innovate product lines.   Our very own Collette Kakuk, VP Global Marketing, expands on how pet parents are looking for functional ingredients for their pets just as they are looking for themselves, including immune support, joint health, gut health, allergy support, weight management, and more.

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All-Natural TruGro® Max Feed Additive Scientifically Demonstrated As Effective AGP Replacement

TruGro® MAX natural, plant-based feed additive ingredient is backed by new studies as an effective AGP replacement that significantly improves oxidative status and performance in animals. “New in-vivo trials with broiler chickens have demonstrated that the exceptional antioxidant and nutritional capabilities achieved through the proprietary blend of natural botanical ingredients found in TruGro® MAX can significantly reduce AGP use, improve animal performance, and meat quality,” said Mary Joe Fernandez, Global Vice President of Sales & Business Development for Animal Nutrition at Layn.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Tackles Pet Weight Management with Natural, Plant-Based Ingredient Solution

Layn Natural Ingredients announced the launch of TruGro Weight Management natural, plant-based ingredient solution for pet food, treats, and supplements. TruGroWeight Management is comprised of plant-based ingredients scientifically supported to support healthy weight in pets, featuring standardized, polyphenol-rich botanical extracts containing compounds naturally occurring in green tea (Camellia sinensis). The natural ingredient solution is NASC certified, and utilizes a multi-pronged approach to help address root causes of weight management challenges in pets to boost metabolism, support healthy inflammation and healthy blood sugar, and improve lipid profile.

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Pet Food Processing Magazine Features SophorOx™, Layn’s New Botanical Antioxidant for Pets

Layn’ new natural ingredient, SophorOx™, is NASC certified and designed to inhibit oxidative stress and support healthy inflammatory responses in people and pets. It is derived from Sophora japonica L. and is sustainably produced and fully traceable.

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Layn Natural Ingredients Introduces SophorOx™, A Potent Natural Antioxidant for Healthy Inflammation Response

Layn Natural Ingredients today announced the launch of SophorOx™, a natural antioxidant extract ingredient scientifically supported by a new study demonstrating its ability to inhibit oxidative stress and support a healthy inflammation response. SophorOx™ is particularly well suited for use in human dietary supplements, sports nutrition, and personal care applications, as well as pet supplements.

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Consumers are demanding animal proteins and products free from antibiotics, which drives the market to transfer from antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) to natural alternatives.

Thank you Feed and Grain for including insights from Layn Natural Ingredients’ nutrition scientist discussing why poultry is going natural.

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TroGro GH Improves Poultry Gut Health & Performance: IPPE TECHtalk and WATTPoultry Feature

Using natural ingredients is becoming more important with consumers and with the industry as use of subtherapeutic antibiotics continues to decline. Juan Javierre, Ph.D., the lead nutrition scientist with Layn Corp., spoke about Layn’s polyphenol-rich botanical feed additive, TruGro GH, for IPPE’s 2021 TECHtalk. Javierre said the feed additive is a polyphenol-rich botanical solution that increases the abundance of tight junction proteins that stimulate the health of birds’ intestines and therefore overall health.

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